Welcome to Infurnace

You may be wondering why you are here. Surely you were searching for something that led you here, perhaps a window to this place opened and you came through or perhaps you fell down a rabbit hole and woke up painting this page red. Whatever has brought you here and how can only be explained by you but I do hope that no matter how you got here you will enjoy your stay.

What is Infurnace you ask? Infurnace is one of four kingdoms in the story Web of Souls. It will serve as an antagonistic kingdom within the story and is still under construction but the name seems to have found a place in my heart and clung to it. This blog will cover all portions of the Web of Souls project. Every success and failure of this project will likely be shared here as well as up first information and updates on progress.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

news, news, what's the news?

Well the good news is that volume five is now finished and work has begun on volume six. Concept art is a still a bit slow but it seems there will be a long process of recovery going on for me (the author) as I climb over my writer's block and conquer it with a hammer and chisel to write a proclamation of victory. I'm still having a tough time of it but I'm working through a lot personally right now. In the meantime I have a few things to take care of on the art front and a few more things to do in regards to writing as well. To quote one of my old study buddies "Progress notes? What are those?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

working hard or hardly working

long time no update. I need to fix that don't I? On the work front things are slow and grinding at best. I'm likely to take a break for a bit when I have a chance though no promises on anything pretty and shiny. Something awfully amazing that has been keeping my hopes of working up has been reading myths a friend of mine has been writing. I find a measure of consolation in using cliches and breathing new life into older concepts but I also firmly believe in giving one's own spin to things. As such I already know what direction I'm taking Web of Souls but I'm more worried about how I can execute it to make it come out properly.

I suppose time will only tell how well I am and how much I get done. Right now I'll be relaxing and trying to draw ideas together so I can weave the magic I hope to make with the story. Peace.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anything new?

Well, I had been hoping I'd feel well enough today to scoop back up the outlines for Web of Souls but it would seem that certain household noise makers had other plans than letting me sleep. I have found something of use however. If anyone has noticed the the banner with the sweet redhead on our page that's a banner for Ka-blam where I'm looking around to gauge the costs of printing and publishing Web of Souls. When it actually comes to that important publishing/printing step we might be able to do so with them. Here's to the bright future we have with Web of Souls.

Unfortunately, I keep feeling worse and worse today so it is unlikely I will manage to get any work done. At least something will get done and planned for during today though.

Monday, July 18, 2011

concepts concepts..

While obviously we can't share ALL the concepts here for the fact of spoilers and such there's no need to worry as we do still have some progress updates. I'll be first to admit I need to get back into the swing of things after vanishing for a three day convention but it has left me rather inspired to continue my work and get better at what I do. In the meantime my mind must recover from being blown with awesomeness before I can continue on the volume outlines of Web of Souls.

There may be some new updates on my personal blog, Thoughts from Chaos, once I get some more sketch paper available. If nothing else you can expect me to start using printer paper in desperation. Somehow I get the feeling I'll make a comic about the desperation of using printer paper for art and especially for important art. Luckily for Infurnace I still have plenty of my quality paper and am still using it for the concept art I post here.

Now I just need to take my brain and poke it with a stick and see if it can start using words at more than a CRAWL. Even typing this much in the blogs has exhausted my mental dictionary. SAY MORE WORDS!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A volume of volumes

So it would seem I've been hard at work and finishing the volume outlines. I've roughly been doing one a day if not half a volume's outline per day. More concept art can be expected between breaks and for anyone who follows my personal blog they can probably expect more comic and free writing updates there. I'm likely to begin updating the cast page with more characters as they introduced into the story outlines. Some are still without design but others are fully conceptualized and designed already. As of today I'm working on volume four's outline and might begin conceptualizing cover designs for them as well.

Friday, July 8, 2011

well that's faerie nuff I guess

I 'm beginning to think my titles alone will become a challenge for everyone to figure out what I'm referencing from time to time but when it comes to puns I just can't help myself. If there's such a thing as a good pun I've yet to find it but it's not like I'm bothered by bad puns. In fact I quite adore puns and for that we can probably turn a cynical eye to me having grown up reading Peirs Anthony's Xanth series and lay the blame between the entrancing pages full of hot cross puns. Speaking of puns I have a minor update to the cast concepts!

Ladies and gentlemen, these two lovely fair folk will be revealed within the pages of volume one of Web of Souls. You'd hardly think there's anything punny about them though I suppose some of the best puns are the ones left unseen. I do imagine wielding a blade of grass as an actual blade would be rather impressive as opposed to laughable but the underlying pun is still something I'm wont to enjoy endlessly.

On another note while we have mentions of volume one up and about. The full outlines for up to volume two are done. If work continues to flow so smoothly we can hope to see plenty of beginning work get underway.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello everyone!

Dimmi here, with another update for Web of Souls! A reminder that I am the concept artist for backgrounds and locations within the Web of Souls. 

Below is a rough draft concept image for Infurnace. The castle is based upon a few temples and monasteries located in Tsuen Wan. However, after a discussion over it with Katinka, the buildings will become smaller to scale. As the volcano should be looming more and how the castle integrates itself into the mountain. 

There will be more designs to follow this initial rough draft eventually.